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Hilsorb Dryer Cartridge - PD Filter Element

The Hilco Hilsorb Super-Absorbent Dryer Cartridge combines high efficiency particulate filtration with high-capacity water absorption in a single pleated cartridge. The Hilsorb cartridge excels in applications requiring moisture control and high filtration efficiency such as insulating, hydraulic, lube and fuel oils.  

The Hilsorb Dryer features high-volume solid particulate and water removal capacity. The patented pleated construction permits higher flow rates at lower pressure drops than other dryer cartridges. The proprietary arrangement of the media layers provides a low pressure drop throughout the useful life of the cartridge, but as it nears saturation with water, the pressure drop increases to signal the need for a change.

The high-capacity Hilsorb saves money by processing more gallons of oil with fewer changes. It maintains high dielectric strength and greater stability in transformer oils. Hydraulic equipment is protected from water damage while long life is assured through high filtration efficiency. 

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 High water-holding capacity 
Efficient particulate removal
Low initial pressure drop
High Flow Rate
Increasing Pressure Drop Signals Saturation

 Insulating Oils
Hydraulic Oils
Lube Oils
Fuel Oils 

Below is all information pertaining to the Hilsorb Dryer  Filter Elements:

PD Filter Elements

PD Element Drawing

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