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Ceramic Crossflow Membrane

The Hilco Ceramic Membrane System is an ideal way to lower your filtration costs. The filtration system utilizes high velocity "crossflow" across the membrane surface. The advanced-technology ceramic membranes deliver outstanding performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. The robust filter design and high efficiency can help solve your tough filtration challenges. The filter is well suited for multiple microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications. Available membrane pore sizes are 0.5µm, 0.2µm, 0.01µm and 0.005µm.

Fluid Streams Processed:
Oil removal from wastewater streams
Reclaiming Solvents and Chemicals
Fruit juice and Beverage Clarifiaction
Aqueous Wash Solutions
E-Coat paints and lacquers
CIP Ceaning chemical recovery
Catalyst Stream Recovery
Industrial Laundry

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High Surface area to unit volume
Compact design
Extended life with durable ceramic
Chemically stable
Broad pH range of 2-13
Immune to chlorine attack
Steam sterilizable
Back flushable
High and sustainable flux rates
Easy, less frequent membrane cleaning

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