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Original Drain Protector

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Original Drain Protector is an environmentally safe way to block unwanted spills from going down a drain. Because each Original Drain Protector is constructed out of a Tacky Orange and Yellow Polyurethane, it is compatible for use with a wider range of Fluids and Chemicals than many standard Rubbers or Plastics. The unique engineering process allows the Drain Protector to be heavy enough to seal, yet light enough to be portable and easy to-use.

Due to its rugged construction, the Drain Protector is tough enough to stand up to repeated usage. To safeguard longevity of the Drain Protector after use, simply wash the cover with water, replace the protective plastic film and store it in the storage tube until it is needed again.

The Drain Protectors are available in four different sizes which fit most standard sized drains. Each Drain Protector is meant to overlay the drain by at least 3” to insure a leak-proof tight seal.

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Four available sizes to fit most standard sized drains
Polyurethane Construction
High Visibility Orange/Yellow Coloring
Wide Chemical and Solvent Compatibility

Below is all information pertaining to the Original Drain Protector:

Original Drain Protector 

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