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Cellulose PL Filter Element

Hilco Cartridges have a reputation the world over for no-nonsense industrial-strength quality and performance. They are engineered for durability in tough environment to provide maximum performance at a minimum price. Because cartridge design is the key to filter performance, rigid inspection procedures ensure every cartridge performs up to its design expectations. 

Hilco's PL Elements are made from specifically formulated filter media selected to provide the most effective combination of fluid particle separation, fluid compatibility, and structural properties. The media is pleated with controlled-radius pleats, which maximize the effective filtration area and dirt holding capacity, and resists bunching, distortion and rupture. Sharply creased pleats overstress fibers, causing cracks and bypassing.

Hilliard's manufacturing process forms a larger radius pleat on the outside and a smaller one on the inside. This causes the pleat geometry to assume an elliptical shape which stiffens the pleat pack and acts as a pleat separator to provide uniform pleat spacing. This feature permits lower pressure drops and larger dirt capacities over those of sharply pleated elements. 

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 Designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°F
Controlled-radius pleats maximize effective filtration area and dirt-holding capacity 
Designed to withstand pressures up to 100 PSI
Composed of specifically formulated filter media to provide the most effective combination of fluid particle separation, fluid compatibility 

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PL Filter Elements

PL Element Drawing

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