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Cleanroom HEPA Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Cleanroom HEPA/ULPA Filter Units are designed to be dropped into a standard or cleanroom ceiling system to efficiently clean the air. Available in both standard and custom sizes to meet any room requirement.

Each unit is available with a choice of either a 95%, 99.99% or 99.9995% efficiency HEPA or ULPA Filter. The included motorized impeller provides a lower profile than units with larger Centrifugal Blowers, but can still handle an additional 0.125" external static pressure.

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HEPA Filters at 0.3 Microns 99.99% Efficiency (Class 100 ISO Class 5)
ULPA Filters at 0.12 Microns at 99.9995% Efficiency (Class 10 ISO Class 4)
Brushed Aluminum Blower Housing
Duct Collar/Prefilter
Power Cord or Junction Box
Variable Speed Control
Integral White Powder Painted Expanded Metal Face Screen

Dimensions - 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, 24” x 48”, Custom Sizes 
Noise Level - Less than 60 db
Velocity - 90-100 FPM
Electrical - 60 Cycles (or as Specified), 220 Volt/1 Phase, 110 Volt/1 Phase

Below is all information pertaining to the Cleanroom HEPA Filter:

Cleanroom HEPA/ULPA Filter

Cannot find the configuration you are looking for? We would be happy to issue you a formal quote with exactly what you need.

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