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Turbo Pulse GT

The Turbo Pulse GT Pleated Gas Turbine Intake Filter is designed to fit most turbine inlet systems and is meant to keep systems operating at the highest possible levels by preventing outdoor elements such as dust, pollen, sand and salt from entering internal areas. 

The ProTura nanofibers have the highest possible MERV Rating in the industry of 15 which helps 
prevent fouling, particle fusion and corrosion. Having such a high MERV Rating is also extremely important to make sure that the turbine is operating correctly. The ProTura Nanofiber Technology increases efficiency, reduces emissions and helps with protection. 

Available in cartridge or panel style, each with the heavy-duty construction, the Turbo Pluse GT reduces pressure drop, increases output and service life.

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Heavy duty construction
High Efficiency - MERV 15
Moisture Resistant Nanofibers
Galvanized Helix expanded or Stainless Steel Expanded liners
100% Cellulose and Polyester Blend with ProTura Nanofiber
Galvanized or Stainless Steel End Caps
Seamless Polyisoprene Gasket for a better seal
Lower Pressure drop = Increased Turbine Output
Extended service life
Optional Pre-Filter wraps are available for longer filter life and an overall reduction in replacement filter costs

Below is all information pertaining to the Turbo Pulse GT Filters:

Turbo Pulse GT

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