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Drum Containment Pallets

East Coast Filter, Inc. offers a wide variety of Drum Containment options. Drum Containment as the importance of securing and storing hazardous materials safely is crucial not only for the protection of the work environment, but also for the safety of all employees who work daily around the facility.

Standard Containment 

East Coast Filter, Inc. Standard Containment is low profile and heavy load capacity in either two or four drum configurations. Constructed of a strong and durable All-Polyethylene media that is compatible with most corrosive chemicals meaning it will not rust or corrode.

A removable Polyethylene Grate can be easily removed for quick access to the sump area.

IBC Spill Containment 
East Coast Filter’s IBC Spill Containment is ideal for storing intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), drums or other large vessels that are filled with chemically compatible materials. Each Pallet is constructed of High Visibility Yellow 100% Polyethylene Media.

Options include Pallets with and without Drains as well as Single or Twin configurations.

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Drum Containment Pallets

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