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Drum Containment Pallets

Low Profile
Low Profile Drum Containment Pallets are used to manage and contain hazardous materials. Drums are often filled with materials that can be harmful to the environment if spilled during filling or storage, so the Low Profile Pallets capture any spills that may occur until they can be properly disposed of.

The Low Profile design keeps the pallets low to the ground for easy transportation of the drums on and off the pallets. Available to hold One, Two and Four Drums, there is a pallet for each required application.

High Profile
The High Profile Drum Containment Pallets are ideal for use in applications where it is necessary for drums filled with contaminants be stored higher off of the ground. The integrated Pallet Fork Channels allow the Pallet to be easily moved to the best location for storage or for cleanout.

Designed to hold a maximum of two drums and contain up to 66 gallons of liquid.

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Drum Containment Pallets

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