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Auto Discharging Centrifuge

Automatic Centrifugal Cleaning of Coolants, Oils, and other Industrial Fluids without the use of filter media.

The Turbo-Separator T15-2 Auto Self Cleaning Centrifuge is a versatile automatic solids discharging centrifuge that recycles grinding and polishing fluids by removing the 1-10 micron particles within the fluid. The centrifuge has a process rate of up to 25 GPM with a solids removal rate up to 22 Lbs/Hour of sludge or swarf. Systems are designed for use with a single CNC or in-line with a large central manufacturing cell.

The unit utilizes centrifugal force to perform the liquid/solids separation and automatically discharges the dewatered (relatively moisture free) solids via a timer cycle or by automatically sensing rotor weight and vibration. Its rugged industrial design makes it suitable for removing highly abrasive solids such as metallic and ceramic fines from process liquids. This unit contains a variable frequency drive with a dynamic braking system reducing the discharge cycle time of the centrifuge bowl.

The T15 can be supplied as a standalone unit, or combined with additional process equipment.

• Maintains fluid clarity without the use of expensive filter cartridges
• Minimizes fluid replacement
• Minimizes waste disposal by generating relatively moisture free solids
• Requires minimal operator attendance and maintenance
• Significantly reduces downtime for tank and sump clean outs
• Proprietary Drain Nozzels
• Quick Stop Dynamic Braking
• Custom Designed Scraper Blades

• High Bowl speed guarantees maximum separation efficiency
• The Turbo T15 uses no consumable media
• High speed dewatering reducing solids disposal volume

• Metal Cutting and Grinding
• Ceramic and Glass Grinding
• Recycle Polishing and Finishing Fluids
• Dewater Vibratory and Tumbling Wastes

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T15-2 Self Cleaning Turbo Separator

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