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Pleated Cartridges

Pleated Cellulose Filters

Cellulose Molded End Water Filters

Standard Pleated Cellulose Polyester Filter Cartridges and Big Blue Pleated Cellulose Cartridges are manufactured to be heavy duty in both wet and dry applications.


Absolute Rated Pleated Filter Cartridges

Absolute Rated

All of East Coast Filter, Inc's Standard Absolute Rated Filters have an efficiency of 99% or higher.

Absolute Economy Grade     Absolute High Purity      Absolute Multi Layer Depth     Absolute Polypropylene Multi Layer     Absolute Polypropylene Cyst Reduction     Absolute Rated Polypropylene 

Nominal Rated Pleated Cartridges

Nominal Rated

East Coast Filter, Inc.'s Standard Nominal Rated Filters are available in both Single and Multi Layers

Nominal Multi Layer Polypropylene     Nominal Rated Polypropylene

Microglass Media


The uniform characteristics of the inorganic fibers found in Microglass is what enables the filter to have a dramatic increase in filtration efficiency

High Efficiency Microglass     High Temperature Microglass


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