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Gravity Bed Filters

Deep Bed Gravity Filters are used to effectively and automatically remove solids from liquids simply by using the force of gravity and Filter Roll Media. Since these Gravity Bed Filters are superior in effectively removing solids from liquids, the Deep Bed Filter maximizes fabric life while allowing more filtering per square foot than other filter models.

Liquids that are solid laden from various applications including grinding, waste water treatment and dewatering are added into the Diffuser Tray located above the filter bed. As liquid is dispensed from the tray, the contaminants from the liquid attach themselves to the filter roll media and passes through the reservoir tank. A layer of sludge builds up on the media as the liquid rises and then gets deposited into a waste box from the rotating conveyor belt. As the waste is deposited, a new section of roll media begins the process again.

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Cost effective design
High solid volume use
Flow rates ranging from 1-450 GPM
Filter Areas ranging from 1.5 to 113 Ft²
Tank Capacity ranging from 24-1575 Gallons
Extreme durability - Allows filters to run 24/7
Suited for multiple aggressive applications
High Quality Filtration (1 Micron)
Automatically Indexes
Optional Stainless Steel Construction

Waste Water Treatment
Machine Tool Fluids

Below is all information pertaining to the Deep Gravity Bed Filter:

Deep Gravity Bed Filter

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