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Depth Cartridges

STA Cartridges

Absolute Rated Meltblown

The Stratum A Series Meltblown Depth Filters deliver 99.9% Efficiency at the stated micron for the most demanding applications. By utilizing ultra fine fibers and controlled thermal bonding, the Stratum A Series retains captured contaminant even at higher differential pressures.

Grooved Meltblown

Grooved Meltblown 

East Coast Filters Grooved Meltblown Cartridge Filters are used for the removal of sand, silt, dirt and rust particles. The grooved outer surface is designed to increase the surface area of the filter as well as increase the dirt holding capacity.


Big Blue Cartridges

Nominal Rated Meltblown

An economical and disposable filter element that can be used in a wide range of applications. Available in both standard 2-1/2" Diameters as well as the 4-1/2" Big Blue.

Big Blue     MBC Series     CMBF Series     Stratum C

String Cartridges

String Filters

String Filters are made of a spun media around a center core to capture small particles. East Coast Filter has Recycled Polypropylene and Cotton String Filters as well as the Standard Configuration String Filters.


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