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Drain Guard

East Coast Filter’s Drain Guard is designed to protect Storm Drains from filling with unwanted sediment and debris. Ideally used around Industrial Facilities, Construction Sites, and Commercial Parking Lots.

The Drain Guard Media is constructed out of Contains an Oil-Absorbent pillow that removes various Oils and Greases from Water Flow as it passes through the Drain Guard. The special Nonwoven Fabric removes Dirt, Sand and other additional Sediments from Storm Water.

Each Oil and Sediment Model Drain Guard absorbs up to 0.87 gallons of Oil and can hold up to 40 pounds of Sediment.

For use, simply lay the Drain Guard on top of the open Drain so the excess fabric extends beyond the opening. Place the Drain Cover over the Drain Guard to lock it in place. Utilizing the four Safety Straps, secure the Drain Guard to the Grates of the Cover.

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Drain Guard

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