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HVAC Filters

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filters

These HVAC Filters use carbon in order to absorb molecules from the air. It is an effective solution for the removal of these airborne contaminants which can cause potential health risks


Disposable Panel Filter

Disposable Panel Filters

Disposable Panel Filters are rigidly constructed to maximize dust holding capacity. These filters are generally used in high traffic dust laden applications and are replaced at 30-day intervals on average.

Fiberglass     Polyester     Link Panels     Ring Panels     Synthetic     Rittal Pads


High Temperature Pleated Filters

High Temperature Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc.'s PLHTP High Temperature Filters are designed for applications with a Maximum Operating Temperature of 500°F where a Standard Pleated Air Filter with Cardboard or Beverage Board Frame will not hold up

Pleated Air Filters

Pleated Filters

Pleated Filters are available in a wide range of sizes for all Commercial, Industrial and Residential Applications.

Air Bear     Economy Pleated    High Efficiency Pleated     Self Supported Pleated

Pocket Filters

Pocket Filters

Designed for use in Air Filtration Systems and Equipment where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. Available in a wide variety of standard sizes, face dimensions, pocket numbers and depths.

Rigid Cell Filters

Rigid Cell Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Industrial Rigid Cell Filters are designed to assist at removing fine dust particulates from 0.3 to 25 Microns from airflow surrounding various pieces of equipment. Contaminants and chances of corrosion are greatly reduced with the help of these filters. 

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