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Self Supporting Pleated

 Low Initial Resistance 
Lower Pressure Drop and Higher Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) Reduces Energy Consumption and Operating Costs
Mechanical Efficiency - Does Not Rely on Electric Charge Technology 
Self-Supporting DuraFlex Media made from Virgin Fiber; No Wire Support Needed
Consistent Media Performance with Controlled Fiber Size and Blend
Environmentally Friendly - No Metal, Fully Incinerable 

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Efficiency - MERV 8
Filter Depth - 2" and 4"
Media Type - Self Supporting DuraFlex Synthetic 
Frame Material - Beverage Board 
Special Sizes Available - Yes
Antimicrobial - No
Maximum Operating Temperature - 150°F (66°C)
Air Filtration Certification - UL 900, ULC-S111

Below is all information pertaining to the Self Supporting Pleated Filter:

Perfect Pleat SC M8

Perfect Pleat HC M8

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