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Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure Gauges are commonly used to indicate when to change or clean a Filter. Colored Bands divided into three sections, each clearly marked for ease of understanding allow you to quickly identify the Pressure Drop across the Element.

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Body Material - Glass Filled Nylon (GFN)
Wetted Internals - Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Glass Filled Nylon
Elastomers - Buna 
Movement - Magnetic Piston and Follower Pointer
Dial - Plastic Lens with 3 Color Dial 
Process Connection - 1/4" FNPT 
 Maximum Working Pressure Rating - 300 PSIG
Maximum Differential Pressure Rating - 150 PSID 
Accuracy - +/- 5% of Rated Differential Pressure Range
Maximum Operating Temperature - 200°F (93°C) 

Below is all information pertaining to the Differential Pressure Gauge:

Model 555 Series Differential Pressure Gauge 

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