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The Model UFV-200T System employs ultrafiltration membrane technology to separate the water and dissolved chemicals from suspended solids and emulsified oils. The process reduces wastes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives. The UFV-200T is specifically designed witha seal-less vertical centrifugal pump and 1/2 inch diameter tubular membranes to allow the unit to handle the heavy solids loading associated with the applications. The separations process is mechanical and operates without messy and expensive prefiltration and in most cases, can produce sewerable effluent - thus dramatically reducing waste disposal costs.

The Model UFV-200T is shipped completely assembled. It requires only an electrical connection and compressed air supply to begin operation. The small footprint (only 29” long and 34” wide) makes this an ideal unit for installation where manufacturing floor space is limited. Systems options include larger processing capabilities and fluid transfer stations.

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A high-tech Polymeric Membrane is insensitive to chemical and concentration changes in the waste feed stream
Half-Inch Tubular Membranes allow for processing of high solids waste
Self Contained unit installs easily in the plant

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