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High Efficiency Microfiber Bag Filters

Standard ring bags have a Galvanized Steel Ring (Stainless Steel optional) sewn in the top of the bag. They are supplied with sewn seams standard. Plastic flange bags have specially designed flange sewn to the top of the bag.

The Microfiber materials provide high efficiencies at low microns. The optional addition of a needle punched felt layer provides a prefilter zone and results in extended life. This multi layer technology option results in a true graded density material with high performance levels.

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Micron Ratings from 1.0-50.0
All industry standard and custom sizes available
Choice of Steel ring or Plastic Flange
Wide Chemical compatibility 
Excellent oil absorbing capabilities (POMF only)
Handles on all bags
Efficiencies to 95.0%

Below is all information pertaining to the High Efficiency Microfiber Bag Filters:

High Efficiency Microfiber Bag Filters

Flange Guide

Ring Guide

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