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Anode Bag Filters

If you have an electro-plating solution that requires anode bags, we are most likely already made your size shape to fit a particular problem in chemistry management. All our bags are double needle sewn at the top and bottom. Moreover, we double stitch the sides to prevent the bags from being torn by the rough action created by air agitation in the plating bath.

Fabric Types:
12 oz. Cotton Duck - Can be used in nickel baths. Least porous of our fabrics. Excellent material for double bagging.
7.5 oz. Cotton Sateen - Desized material, bleached and washed. Recommended for cyanide copper.
210 Denier Nylon - The fabric is not used as much as in the past, but it is still a viable alternative with less corrosive baths. Good for alkaline solutions.
9 oz. Polypropylene - Popular bag for many solutions. Also used for an outer bag when double bagging. Good for tin, sulfate, acid zinc, and sulfuric acid. Corrosion resistant.
13 oz. Polynap - Heavier weight fabric, sateen weave, napped on one side. Should make double bagging unnecessary. Highly recommended for nickel and acid copper baths. Holds fines better.

How to Measure a Bag:
Baskets - Add together the top dimension, plus 1.5" for width of a bag. Add 3" to length of bag.
1. Add dimensions at top of basket (2.5" + 6" = 8.5")
2. Add 1.5" for seam and allowance to fit over corners of the basket (8.5" + 1.5" = 10")
3. Add 3" to length of the basket for sludge to collect (18" + 3" = 21")
Bags for this Anode Basket would be 10" x 21"

Oval Anodes - Add 2" to width and 3" to length for Anode Bags.
Ex. 3" x 18" oval anode = 5" x 21" anode

Slab Anodes - Add together the two top dimensions, plus 1" for width of the bag. Add 3" to length of anode for length of the bag.
1. Add 4" + 1" + 1" = 6"
2. Add 3" + 21" = 24"
Bags for this Anode will be 6" x 24"

Ball Anode Containers -
Steel: (Usually 2.5") requires a 5" bag
Titanium: (Usually 3") requires a 6" bag.

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Anode Bag Filters

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