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Air Compressor Filters

Pure Point has developed a comprehensive line of compressed air and gas filtration equipment that meets the increasingly sophisticated filtration needs of laboratories, industrial facilities and other various application requirements.

Our standard industrial line includes a wide range of models from 1/4” to 3” NPT connection sizes and flow capacities up to 1,000 SCFM. Standard housing material is Aluminum, Die and/or gravity cast, capable of operating at pressures up to 250 psig (17 bar.) An epoxy powder paint finish is applied to all external surfaces for protection against corrosion.

Differential pressure indicators come standard on all models. These allow continuous monitoring and indicate the optimum point at which the filter element should be replaced.

An automatic float type drain valve with manual override is standard on all coalescing filters. The override allows testing and depressurizing of the filter housing to facilitate element replacement. Manual ball valves are included with all particulate filters 

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The housings are cast aluminum epoxy powder coated
Maximum working pressure of 250 psig at 225°F
All Housings come standard with a pop-up differential indicator
Manual ball type drain valve included
Housings are capable of tandem or wall mounting
Inlet and Outlet connections are NPT

Oil Removal
Solid Particle Removal (25um,5um,1.0um and 0.01um)
Oil Vapor Removal (remove Oil vapors down to .004 ppm)

Below is all information pertaining to the Air Compressor Filter:

Air Compressor Filters

Air Compressor Filters Operations Manual

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