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Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon commonly used to adsorb natural organic compounds, taste and odor and synthetic organic chemicals in drinking water. It is an extremely porous material that is used to remove organic compounds from liquids and gases by absorption. In the adsorption process, organic molecules contained in the liquid or gas are lifted and attach themselves to the porous surface of the Granular Activated.

Carbon is combined with Bituminous Coal that is crushed and processed in low temperatures followed by high temperatures in order to create the porous surfaces. It is ideal for many liquid phase applications including the removal of organics from wastewater streams. NSF certified, it is suitable for drinking water and food grade applications.

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Used in a wide variety of applications
Suitable for use to remove many organic chemicals
Removes tastes and odors from both liquid and gases

Food and Beverage
Plating Solutions
Photo Processing Solutions
Wastewater Treatment
Sediment Removal
Removal Trace Dissolved Organics
Removal Free Chlorine

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Granular Activated Carbon 

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