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CW Chip Spinners

Disposing of metal chips contaminated with coolants or oils is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The Sanborn Chip Pac Centrifugal Chip Wringers eliminate these costs and liabilities by removing residual fluid from chips produced by grinders, lathes and other metal working machine tools. 

Sanborn Chip Pac Chip Wringers use centrifugal force generated by a rapidly spinning basket to effectively remove the liquid coating from chips and turnings. The result is clean, dry scrap metal of saleable quality and fully reusable oils and coolants. In fact, costs for new oil can be reduced by up to 90%.

Each Sanborn Chip Pac unit is constructed of heavy duty, arc welded Steel for reliable performance and minimal maintenance. One of our four models is certain to accommodate your operational requirements.

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CW 7 - Designed for short runs, laboratory use or small plated parts.  Tabletop unit has a 7 Lb. capacity and requires only one square foot of space
CW 75 - Offers a 75 Lb. capacity for moderate production
CW 150 - a 150 Lb. capacity makes this model ideal for medium to high volume manufacturing levels
CW 250 - Accommodates up to 250 Lbs. to meet the needs of high volume operations.

1. The operator depresses the foot break to stop the wringer and unlocks the cover. The cover opens in either direction to maximize loading clearance. The operator removes and unloads the basket, then places a loaded basket in the spinner housing.

2. The operator closes the cover. (Note: The cover must be closed completely or the unit will not operate.) The spinning of the centrifuge is initiated by pressing a button on the side of the electrical control box.

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Chip Pac Centrifugal Chip Wringer

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