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Paint Filters

Diffusion Media Intake

Diffusion Media Intakes

The Filtrair FF-560 GX Ceiling Diffusion Media is available in a complete range of standard size pads, rolls, panels and custom sizes, cross-referenced for easy selection to fit all paint spray booths and prep-stations.



Link Panels

Link Panels

Specifically designed for side-load slide-in systems. With different versions available in various thickness and materials, there are Link Panels for any application.

Series 615 Link Panels       Series 625 Link Panels       Series 635 Link Panels       Series 66 Link Panels

Paint Arrestor Pads

Paint Arrestor Pads

The Series 99 Pads, Rolls, and Perforated Rolls are designed to provide high efficiency paint overspray collection. The easy to handle Polyester rolls and pads are non-toxic.

Paint Cube

Paint Pockets

Constructed of two heavy duty layers of environmentally protective 100% Polyester Media, the two pocket filter is heat-sealed to a heavy gauge metal support frame. This sturdy combination results in a filter that has low initial resistance and extremely high Paint/Dust holding capacity.

Poly Pads and Rolls

Polyester Pads

East Coast Filter's Polyester Pads and Rolls are made from extra heavy weight Polyester fibers bonded into a tough, durable air filter media. The fibers are formed into a high loft, interlocking mat that is extremely rigid.

Series 65 Panel Filter

Ring Panels

Self supporting Polyester Pre-filter designed to link together for easy installations. These Ring Panel come in Double and Triple layers and also have tackifers on the media to help hold and capture fugitive dust

Series 55 Ring Panels       Series 65 Ring Panels

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