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Polyester Pads and Rolls

These Polyester Pads and Rolls are made from extra heavy weight Polyester Fibers bonded into a tough, durable air filter media. the fibers are formed into a high loft, interlocking mat that is extremely rigid. The inherent rigidity of the Polyester Media eliminates the need for external support. No holding frame with a wire support grid is needed to retain the pads in service. 

In spite of its rigidity, these Polyester Pads and Rolls are very flexible to allow easy installation in tight spaces. Twist it, bend it, flex it, in any way necessary to make it fit - it springs back to its original shape. This media is ideal for tough duty installations such as outdoor locations exposed to the elements or where heavy concentrations of oil mist, dust, lint, hair, leaves, or other large particulates are present.

No need to order special sizes of disposable panel filters, simply cut the Polyester media to fit the desired size with scissors, utility knife, or paper cutter and they are ready for installation. No frame or glue glue necessary. 

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Synthetic Fiber Media
1/2", 1", and 2" Thicknesses
Available in any size or configuration up to 72" Width and 135' Lengths
Rigid and Self Supporting
50-65% Arrestance 

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Polyester Pads and Rolls

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