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Metal Strainers

Duplex Metal

Eaton's Model 53BTX Duplex Basket Strainer can operate continuously eliminating the need to shut down processes for cleaning of strainers. The compact size also makes it ideal to fit the spaces that normal strainers cannot. 


Simplex Metal

Both the Simplex Eaton Model 30 and the Eaton Model 72 are designed for industrial and commercial applications in which the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or changeout. 

Eaton Model 30 Basket Strainer     Eaton Model 72 Simplex Strainer 


Temporary Inline Stainless Steel Strainer

The basket or element is the heart of the strainer. After a particular type of strainer housing has been selected, equal concern should be given to the basket or screen design and the perforation or mesh sizes, for this alone determines the ultimate functionality and performance of the strainer. 

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