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Oil Water Separator

Model FOWS was the first of its kind and is still the best and most economical choice for reliable separation of petroleum hydrocarbons and water with minimal solids. 

Model FOWS is automatic, easy to operate and produces an effluent with 10 mg/l or less of non-emulsified oil. The oleophelic slant rib coalescing media attracts micron size oil droplets out of the water and coalesces them into larger droplets for removal as a free liquid.

An adjustable, integral skimmer decants the accumulated oil for discharge through a nozzle located on either side of the tank. The clarified water flows out of the tank by gravity. 

Model FOWS features a compact, lightweight, leak-proof fiberglass shell for positioning anywhere in the plant. It is pre-assembled,  in stock, ready for fast delivery and-quick, easy hook-up to solve your discharge problems

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Six Sizes: 2 to 25 GPM available for immediate delivery 
Economic, reliable gravity flow operation
Durable, leak-proof, one-piece, corrosion resistant fiberglass construction
Slant rib coalescer media pack 
Integral Oil Skimmer decants the accumulated oil
Lightweight, portable - easy to install and move 
No assembly required - plug-in and go 
Lift off cover allows easy inspection and maintenance

Compressor Condensate 
Surface Skimmings
Cooling Water 
Groundwater Remediation 
Floor Drains / Mop Water 
Machine Tool Coolant Tramp Oil 
Rinse Tanks / Wash Tanks

Dense Coalescing Pack for Finer Polishing
Elevation Stand or Portable Cart
High Level Switch for Back-Up Protection
Integral Oil Reservoir
High Temperature Construction for over 130°F Cleaning and Washing Solutions
Auxiliary External Oil Reservoirs
Post Filter with High Absorption Coalescing Media
Floating Inlet Skimmer

Portable Coalescer for Tramp Oil Removal:
East Coast Filter’s FOWS-P Model is an economical and easy to operate coaelscer and Oil/Water Separator, designed to prefilter suspended solids and remove oils (both free and tramp) from multiple water based applications. It's small and mobile design allows the unit to easily be positioned anywhere in the plant. Delivered completely assembled, requiring only plant air supply and gravity clean return makes the FOWS-P very simple and easy to operate. This unit is extremely reliable, requires very little operator maintenance, only to change the occasional pre-filter.

Below is all information pertaining to the Oil Water Separator Filter:

Fiberglass Oil Water Separator

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