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JFG Series Gas Coalescing Depth Filters

The JFG Series Filter Elements are one of the most popular Coalescing Depth Filters for demanding applications with high contamination loading. These elements have a large diameter without to inside flow direction, specifically designed for gas filtration. 

Through combination of specialized glass fibers and a varying scale of fiber diameters, this graded density depth style design provides the optimum combination of solid contaminant holding capability and liquid particle coalescing capability. The glass filter media is supported with a heavy-duty, spiral locked steel core. Electro Galvanized Steel End Caps are then mechanically secured to center core providing cartridge strength you can trust not to collapse or bypass at high differential pressures. 

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 Micron Ratings -- 0.3, 0.5, 1, 5, and 10 Micron
Initial Pressure Drop -- Less than 0.5 PSID
Recommended Changeout Pressure -- 15 PSID
Operating Temperatures -- 60°F to 240°F

Outside Diameters -- 3.50", 4.50", and 5.50"
Inside Diameter -- 3"
Length -- Up to 72" Long

Materials of Construction
 Depth Media -- Molded Fiberglass
 Outer Support -- Cotton
 End Caps -- Plated Steel
Center Core -- Tinned Steel
Gasket -- Buna-N

An industry standard in filter separation, the JFG Series is designed for the most critical air and gas applications. The following are among the most common applications where the JFG can be used.

Compressor Suction, Removal of Lube Oil, Water and Solid particles from Effluent Gas Streams
Inlet Gas filtration in a natural gas processing facility to minimize upsets in sweetening and dehydration units
Turbine protection from solid and liquid wear causing contaminants
Fuel gas purification
Desiccant and catalyst bed protection
Injection well formation protection during gas flooding
Minimization of downstream losses in a gas processing facility

Below is all information pertaining to the JFG Series Coalescing Filter:

JFG Series Coalescing Filter

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