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Portable Sump Cleaner

East Coast Filter's Portable Machine Tool Sump Cleaner and Filter features 10 gallons of solids and sludge holding capacity and a large clean storage tank that can accommodate small to mid-size machine tool sumps. Our Portable Sump Service Cleaner is designed to filter water base machine tool coolants, cutting oils, and other industrial fluids. East Coast Filter's unique Sump cleaners are compact and can operate continuously to ensure uninterrupted side stream machine tool filtration with ease of operation.

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 Controls - Individual splash proof on/off switch for suction and discharge pumps, incorporating float actuated electric shut off.
 Drain Cleaning - 9 Inch cleaning access port
 Filter Bags - 200 Micron Nylon reusable and 10 micron Polyester Felt Disposable. Other microns are available
 Tool Kit - Flexible Crevice Tool, Extension Tube, Crevice Tube with Angel Head, Floor Suction Squeegee for cleaning up spills, Suction Hose (10ft), and Discharge Hose (10ft) with Trigger Actuated Nozzle.

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Portable Sump Cleaner

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