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The UFV250-1500TV Membrane Systems are part of Sanborn Technologies line of compact ultrafiltration systems for waste minimization or process water reuse. These systems are ideal for recycling and/or disposal of oily wastewater from aqueous parts washers, floor moping, waste coolants or tumbling and burnishing operations.

The UFV250-1500TV Systems employ rugged 0.5” tubular membrane ultrafiltration membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils.  Membrane life is between 1 to 2 years so operational costs are low. Where free-oil is present an integrated Sanborn SOS oil separator is mounted right on the processing skid.  Like all Sanborn UF systems, wastewater can be reduced by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives such as flocculent. The effluent is typically discharged directly to sewer or reused within the process.

The compact design include a process tank, membrane cleaning tank, process pumps without pump seals, level controls, and a transfer pump to allow the unit to be installed with minimal effort.

• High-Tech Polymeric Membrane is highly insensitive to chemical and concentration changes in the waste feed stream, ensures consistent effluent quality
• Half Inch Tubular Membrane allows processing of high solids waste
• Unattended system operation in batch or continuous mode
• Skid mounted units install easily in the plant
• Simple operation with low operating cost

• Oily Wastewater
• Used Metalworking Coolants
• Mop Bucket Water
• Compressor Condensate
• Water based Cleaners
• Vibratory Tumbling Wastewater

Below is all information pertaining to the UFV-2050-1500TV:


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