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Filter Bag Adapter Head

Filter Bag Adapter Heads provide a Quick and Simple method to filter liquids where installation of a filter of a filter housing is not feasible. Filter Adapter Heads are made of highly chemical resistant Polypropylene and are typically used for low pressure applications only. 

The Filter Bag Adapter Heads are very simple to use. Attach the adapter head to the end of a pipe and slip the filter bag over the adapter head so it hangs down.

• Made of Highly Chemical Resistant Polypropylene 
• 3/4" NPT - 2" NPT Connections 
• Specifically Designed for use with a Standard 7" Diameter Bag (Trade Size #1 or #2), or a Standard 4" Diameter Bag (Trade Size #3 or #4) with a Steel or Stainless Steel Ring

• For low pressure applications only
• Gravity Return Systems
• Recirculating Tank or Chemical Baths
• Fish Farms/Aquariums 
• Dewatering
• Remediation 
• Waste Vegetable Oil Prefiltration
• Metal Working Coolants
• Paints and Adhesives

Below is all information pertaining to the Filter Bag Adapter Head:

Filter Bag Adapter Head

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