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Series 615 Link Panels

The Series 615 Self-Supported Panels and Links are designed for light Commercial and Industrial HVAC applications. Each filter is constructed of 100% Polyester media with a 2 Ply design and an internal non-migrating tackifier. The first Ply is porous to trap large particles and its downstream side is coated with a tackifier for additional protection. The second layer is denser to attract even smaller finer particles. The Series 615 is a MERV 7 Efficient Filter.

When packed in cartons, the panel design creates space savings that results in a 50% reduction in shipping, handling and warehousing over a standard case of 12 cardboard frame flat panel or pleated filters.

Available in a broad range of standard and custom sizes, these panels can be linked for optimal fit in any size system. When linked, the Series 615 Panel filters offer a number of advantages over cardboard framed pleated panels or Fiberglas Filters.

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100% Polyester Media
Non-Toxic Media
Resistant to Microbial Growth
2 Ply Media
25+% Average Efficiency on ASHRAE 52.1
Ease of Installation
Leak-Proof Seal
Available in Single Panels, Link Panels or Single Frames

Below is all information pertaining to the Series 615 Link Panel Filter:

Series 615 Link Panel Filter

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