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Series 65 Ring Panels

The Series 65 self-supported Tacky Intake Panels and links are designed for crossdraft intake air filtration in Paint Spray Booths in the automotive refinishing and industrial finishing markets.

The 3 ply Series 65 Panel is the superior solution for heavy duty crossdraft intake applications. Constructed of 100% Polyester media impregnated with a downstream applied non-migrating tackifier, the media is heat sealed to a 9 gauge internal support frame. This sturdy combination results in a filter that eliminates fiber migration or filter oscillation during operation.

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Multi-Layer Design
Three distinct layers of media combined with a non-migrating tackifier resulting in more than 80% filtration efficiency on particles 10 Microns and greater. The depth loading characteristics of the Series 65 Heavy Duty Tacky Intake Panel provide excellent performance.

Leak-Proof Seal
When the panels or links are installed, the media compresses, forming a seal around the perimeter of the filter, preventing the introduction of paint damaging particulate to the spray booth area.

Sturdy Dual Wire Support Construction
The internal support frame minimizes filter media vibration and reduces the risk of particle migration downstream.

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Series 55 Ring Panel Filter

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