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Diffusion Media Intake

The Filtrair FF-560 GX Ceiling Diffusion Media is available in a complete range of standard size pads, rolls, panels and custom sizes, cross-referenced for easy selection to fit all paint spray booths and prep-stations. 

It is designed to provide superior intake air filtration in paint spray booths used by the automotive, refinishing and industrial finishing markets where controlled laminar air flow is required. Its lightweight design makes a good choice for both full paint spray booths as well as prep stations.

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Synthetic non-woven media
Thermally Bonded -- ensures maximum efficiency and dust loading capacity (99% Efficiency on > 5 Microns)
Non-migrating tackifier -- coats the interlocking fibers to ensure the highest retention of dirt particles
Downstream Polyester Scrim Netting
UL 900 Class 1 Rated
Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
Temperature resistant up to 212°F with peaks up to 250°F
Low pressure drop
Reduced change-outs -- higher productivity and lower costs
1” Thick Media with full adhesive saturation

Below is all information pertaining to the Diffusion Media Intake Filter:

Diffusion Media Intake

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