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Pocket Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Extended Surface Pocket Filters are available in both Synthetic and Fiberglass Media in efficiencies from 40-95% to accommodate a variety of applications.

Each Pocket Filter can hold between 6-10 Pockets ultrasonically sealed and stitched to a 24 ga Corrosion Resistant Header Frame. Hanging Loops sewn to the bottom of the Bags are also available and can be used to secure the shape of the pockets within the air handler.

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Synthetic and Fiberglass Media
MERV 9, 11, 13 and 14 Efficiencies
Standard and Custom Sizes Available
24 ga Galvanized Frame
Low Pressure Drop
Hanging Loops Available Upon Request
UL Classified

Below is all information pertaining to the Pocket Filters:

Pocket Filters

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