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Fiberglass Panel Filter

These Fiberglass Disposable Air Filters are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. The filter media consists of the fine threads of glass which are loosely spun on the air entering the side.

This design increases dust holding capacity and eliminates the problem of surface loading. Each fiber is treated with a non-odorous, non-migrating adhesive which helps hold dust within the filter, and allows viscous impingement filtration to occur. 

The filter media is enclosed in a heavy duty moisture resistant Kraft Board Frame, and is available with or without front and back #28 Gauge Metal retainers securely fastened to the frame to increase overall rigidity of the filter. 

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Final maximum recommended resistance is 0.50" W.G.
Maximum Operating Temperature Continuous is 180°F
UL Class 2 Rating
Ashrae Efficiency is less than 20 with a MERV rating of 1-4

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Fiberglass Panel Filter

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