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Air Bear

The non woven, pleated Air Bear Media filter traps particles as small as 1 micron so cleaned air is recirculated into the home.

Most common media filters restrict airflow throughout the heating and cooling system, causing higher energy costs. The accumulation of airborne particles trapped on the outside of the media, restrict airflow and make the entire heating cooling systems work harder. The Air Bear Filters, capture and retain pollutants inside the filter, allowing air to flow freely through the system.

The enclosing frame of the Air Bear is constructed of a rigid, heavy duty moisture resistant beverage board. The support members with fingers are an integral part of the frame and are bonded to each pleat on both sides to insure pleat spacing and stability. The filter pack is bonded to the inside periphery of the frame, thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass. 

Gaskets have been added on all four sides top and bottom for a tight seal into any housing. The media support grid is a heavy expanded wire with an effective open area of not less than 96%. The wire grid is bonded to the filter media to eliminate the possibility of media oscillation and media pull away.

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Efficiency of 80-85% @ 1-3 micron, MERV 11
No alterations or equipment modifications are required
Initial resistance is .22 inch W.G. at 300 FPM
Constructed of heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board
Tight seal on the housing on the top and the bottom

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Air Bear Filter

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