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Disposable Panel Filters

Fiberglass Panel

Fiberglass Panels

This design increases dust holding capacity and eliminates the problem of surface loading. Each fiber is treated with non-odorous, non-migrating adhesive which helps hold dust within the filter, and allows viscous impingement filtration to occur 


Poly Panel

Polyester Panels

East Coast Filter, Inc.'s disposable Poly Panel Filters are constructed with 100% High Bulk Synthetic Polyester Fibers. These filters are ideal for use when Fiberglass media is not recommended. 


Link Panels

Link Panels

Specifically designed for side-load slide-in systems. With different versions available in various thickness and materials, there are Link Panels for any application.

Series 615 Link Panels       Series 625 Link Panels       Series 635 Link Panels       Series 66 Link Panels

Ring Panels

Ring Panels

Self supporting Polyester Pre-filter designed to link together for easy installations. These Ring Panel come in Double and Triple layers and also have tackifers on the media to help hold and capture fugitive dust

Series 55 Ring Panels       Series 65 Ring Panels

Poly Pads and Rolls


Our Synthetic Disposal Media consists of Polyester Pads and Rolls as well as Metal Pad Holding Frames. Both of these medias can be used for a variety of applications like for residential homes, paint booths, machinery and more. 

Pad Holding Frames       Poly Pads and Rolls

Rittal Pads 

Rittal Media Pads are Designed to protect the internal components of electrical enclosures, cooling units and drives in high end controls from dust, dirt build up and other contaminants. With the help of these pads, operating life of equipment is extended and intended airflow of the units is maintained. 

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