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Big Blue Meltblown Cartridge Filter

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s GBB Big Blue Meltblown Cartridge Filters are constructed out of 100% Polypropylene Media and are designed for applications that require depth loading.

Each Cartridge is intended to fit into a standard 10” or 20” Filter Housing that holds a Double Open Ended Cartridge Filter.

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High Dirt Holding Capacity
Double Open Ended “Cut Ends”
Low Pressure Drop
No Core

Media - 100% Polypropylene Meltblown
Micron - 1-100 Micron
Outside Diameter - 4.50" 
Inside Diameter - 1.10" 
Length - 10" and 20"

Maximum Operating Temperature - 176°F
Maximum Operating Pressure - 0.4 MPa

Below is all information pertaining to the Big Blue Meltblown Cartridge Filter:

Big Blue Meltblown Cartridge Filter 

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