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GFC Series High Efficiency Microglass

This high efficiency, economical filter element is constructed of pleated Borosilicate Microfiberglass media that combines excellent flow rates with exceptional service life. 

The nominally rated Borosilicate Microfiber depth matrix has a natural positive charge that aids in the retention of negatively charged particulates such as colloidal materials or contaminants that may form haze within a fluid. The depth characteristics characteristic of glass media also provides enhanced retention of deformable particles as compared to typical polypropylene media. The GFC filter cartridge is an economical solution for both liquids and gases in a wide variety of prefiltration applications. 

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Micron ratings from 0.2 to 30 micron Broad application range
Uniform pore size - High removal efficiency
High surface area - high flow capability and dirt holding capacity 
Long service life - Minimizes maintenance costs 
Fixed pore construction - Eliminates dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure

Media -- Borosilicate Microfiberglass with Acrylic Binder
Inner Core -- Polypropylene
Support Layers -- Polyester 
Cage, End Caps -- Polypropylene
Gaskets/O-Rings -- Buna-N, EDPM, Silicone, Teflon Encapsulated Viton (O-Rings Only), and Viton
Micron Rating -- 0.20, 0.45, 1, 3, 10, and 30 Micron
Nominal Lengths -- 5" (12.70 cm), 9.75" (24.80 cm). 10" (25.40 cm), 20" ( 50.80 cm), 30" (76.20 cm), and 40" (101.60 cm)
Outside Diameter -- 2.70" (6.86 cm)
Inside Diameter -- 1.0" (2.54 cm)

Maximum Operating Temperature -- 176°F (80°C)
Maximum Differential Pressure -- 75 PSID @ 70°F (5.2 bar @ 21°C), 30 PSID @ 176°F (2.0 bar @ 80°C), 40 PSID @ 70°F (2.8 bar @ 21°C)
Maximum Reverse Pressure - 35 PSID @ 70°F (2.8 bar @ 21°C)
Recommended Changeout Pressure -- 35 PSID (2.4 bar)

 Wine Prefiltration
Blowdown Post Filter
Oil & Gas
Tissue Culture Media
Cutting Oils

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GFC Series Cartridge Filter

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