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Rigid Cell Filters

Advantage Rigid Cell 

The Advantage is a 2" Deep Mini-Pleat Filter that provides outstanding particulate removal efficiency and service life. Ideal for any application where 2" Pleated Filters are currently in use. The Advantage is rated at MERV 16/14A for improved air quality in occupied spaces without significant reduction in airflow. 


Legacy Rigid Cell 

The Legacy is a MERV 15 Product with extremely low initial resistance characteristics. It is designed to help increase the overall filter efficiency in order to exceed LEED requirements of MERV 15 but still maintain or lower energy costs.


V-Force Rigid Cell

The V-Force offers an excellent option for applications currently using Rigid Cell Style Extended Surface Filters. They are a good replacement for corrugated separator style or support pleat style Rigids. 


Vari+Plus Rigid Cell

The Vari+Plus Extended Surface Air Filter offers a wide range of dirt removal efficiency coupled with extremely low resistance to airflow. The combination of these two values offers high performance filtration, long service life, and low operating costs.


Vari-Pak Rigid Cell

The Vari-Pak Rigid Box Filters are designed for reliability and long service under difficult operating conditions including high velocity and turbulence. The Rigid Media Pack is not affected by changes in airflow or repeated fan shutdown.


Variflow Rigid Cell

Variflow HT Filters are designed to provide high filtration efficiency in high temperature applications. Three temperature ranges are available to meet the operating requirements of any system.

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