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Advantage Rigid Cell

The Advantage is a 2” Deep Mini-Pleat Filter that provides outstanding particulate removal efficiency and service life. Ideal for any application where 2” Pleated Filters are currently in use. Advantage is MERV 16/14A for improved air quality in occupied spaces without significant reduction in air flow.

The Advantage does not require additional expense for filter frame changes. Simply insert the filter into an existing 2” frame to improve air quality in any indoor environment. Maximize the effectiveness of the Advantage by inspecting existing filter housings for defects or damage before installation and make the appropriate repairs.

Manufactured with glue bead pleat separators, the pleats are optimally spaced to ensure full-depth dust loading of the media. The glue beads keep the pleats from “touching”, which increases resistance to air flow and keeps a portion of the media from filtering particulate. Proper pleating extends service life and means fewer filter change outs. A high-impact Polystyrene (HIPS) frame ensures durability of the assembled filter throughout its service life.

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2” Mini-Pleat design provides higher efficiency and dust holding 
MERV 16/14A in accordance with ASHRAE test method 52.2-2007
Optimal air flow ensures proper ventilation of occupied spaces
Durable plastic frame
No metal components; completely incinerable
Available with side and up/downstream gasketing

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Advantage Rigid Cell

Advantage Rigid Cell Drawing

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