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Beverage Grade Cartridges

ZTEC B Bioburden Reduction grade membrane cartridges provide highly consistent performance for bioburden reduction and particle removal across a wide range of beverage, pharmaceutical and biological fluids. The naturally hydrophilic PES membrane filters provide exceptional flow rates, long on-stream life, broad chemical compatibility and have no added surfactants to contribute to extractables. The cartridges are integrity testable and steambable to assure reliable service in critical applications.

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Manufactured in ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Environment
100% Flushed with ultrapure DI water and integrity tested 
Repeatably Steamable/Sanitizable
High retentions up to 10⁷/cm² challenged for bacteria and yeast
Pore size, lot and serial number are stamped on each filter element for identification and traceability 
Complete qualification guide available
Quick wet treatment available

Bottled Water
Ophthalmic Solutions
Culture Media
Reagent Chemicals

Below is all information pertaining to the ZTEC B Beverage Grade Cartridge Filter:

Beverage Grade Cartridge Filter

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