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Big Blue Filter Bags

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Big Blue Filter Bags are designed to filter out fine sediment, sand, rust, silt and scale particles inside of a Big Blue Bag Filter Vessel. Due to the Polypropylene construction of the 10” and 20” Standard Big Blue Bag Filters, they can be used in a variety of applications that utilize corrosive fluids such as Acids, Alkalies, Oils, Organic Solvents and Micro-Organisms. These bags are also rated to handle a Maximum Operating Temperature of 200°F.

Each Bag is Thermally Welded to ensure consistent filtration efficiencies throughout multiple uses. Micron Ratings are available from 1 to 200 Micron. The lightweight corrosion resistant Polypropylene material give the bag strength without adding extra weight. It also allows the bags to be incinerated after use for easy disposal.

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1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 µm
Available in 10” and 20” lengths
Wide range of compatibility with Corrosive Fluids
Effective at filtering out fine sediment, sand, rust, silt and scale particles
Thermally welded design
Fully incinerable
Maximum Temperature up to 200°F
Quick Bag Change-outs
High Solids Loading Capabilities

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Big Blue Bag Filter Bags

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