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Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls are used to clean and wipe machinery, tanks, tools, etc. in industrial applications.

The Bonded Meltblown media is comprised of one layer of Low-Linting Spunbond Media bonded to one layer of Super Absorbent Polypropylene Meltblown Media. The bonding process increases the strength and durability of the Pads and Rolls so they can be perforated like a paper towel. Perforations will help reduce waste and allow you to use the exact amount needed for the job.

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High Strength - Ideal for High Traffic Areas
Ability to Grip to surfaces
Perforated for Easy Tearing of Desired Size
Dark Grey Color hides dirt and grime allowing the user to extend use

Below is all information pertaining to the Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls:

Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls 

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