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Depth POHD Bags

The POHD Series Depth Liquid Filter Bags have a longer Life, and Maximum Dirt Loading than traditional bag filters. Each of the Filter Bags are composed of a Meltblown Cartridge and all Polypropylene Felt Media. The benefits of this unique depth filter media are low initial pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, longer service life, and precise particle retention.

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Manufactured in the USA
Optional Glazed Media Finish inhibits fiber migration
Standard size bags to fit most major housing brands
Adds an additional 637 Cubic Inches of Depth Filtration
Gradient Density Depth Media - No other bag holds more dirt
Available in 1 to 200 Micron Ratings
Choice of four different Top Rings
Max Flow: 60 GPM (Size #2)
Max Temperature: 185°F

Bottled Water
Makeup Water
Corn Syrup
Cooling Water
Synthetic Coolants
Potable Water
Waste Water
Storm Water
Ground Water

Below is all information pertaining to the POHD Depth Bag Filters:

POHD Depth Bag Filters

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