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Drinking Water C Series

An Economical Solution for a Wide range of Residential Applications

Pentair's C Series Cartridges offer an economical solution for all your general-purpose water filtration needs. Constructed of a Carbon Impregnated Cellulose media, these dual-purpose cartridges filter out fine sediment particles and reduce unwanted taste, odor, and chlorine taste and odor from your tap water. External netting provides additional strength and dirt holding capacity. 

C Series Cartridges are available in a variety of sizes and are nominally rated at 5 microns.

These dual-purpose cartridges are well suited for a wide range of residential applications and make excellent polishing filters when used in process or closed-loop streams. 

• Available in three lengths and three diameters
• Basic chlorine reduction at a very good economic value
• Both chlorine and sediment reduction
• High flow rates possible due to low initial pressure drop
• Good dirt holding capacity 
• General purpose taste and odor reduction for residential chlorinated water supplies
• Polishing filter for process or closed-loop streams

Filter Media -- PAC Impregnated Cellulose
End Caps -- Vinyl Plastisol
Netting -- Polyethylene
Core -- Polypropylene 
Temperature Rating -- 40°F to 125°F (4.40°C to 51.70°C)

Below is all information pertaining to the C Series Impregnated Carbon Filters:

C Series Cartridges

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