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EPRO for Cannabis Applications

EPRO™ systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency. Available models offer a choice of flow rates and configurations for removal of impurities such as bacteria and dissolved solids from tap water or brackish water. Purified high-quality water is supplied through existing taps (faucets) for use in residences and commercial applications

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Produce low TDS water that’s optimal for cannabis cultivation
Increased harvests with low TDS bacteria-free water
Reduces equipment-clogging contaminants
Consistency in water for every crop – year after year
High recovery rates for optimal water conservation
Water quality meter for Instantaneous readings

Product Flow Rate - from 600 to 10,000 GPD (2.3-37.9 m³/day)
Purification Rate - Up to 99.4%
Recovery Rate - Up to 80%
Automatic feed water valve shutoff
Stainless steel centrifugal pump
Flow meters for product and discarded water
Liquid-filled pressure gauges
5 micron sediment pre-filter
Fiberglass reinforced plastic or Stainless Steel pressure vessels
Concentrate control valve
110 V or 220 V single phase 60 Hz motor

Below is all information pertaining to the EPRO Cannabis:

EPRO Cannabis

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