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EPRO™ Mini Systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency and produce high quality clean water from tap water or brackish water. After removing impurities such as bacteria and dissolved solids, clean water is supplied through a (supplied) pressure tank for use in a wide range of applications

• Small compact wall-mount design
• Provides up to 500GPD of high quality RO water
• Works with water up to 1,000 PPM of TDS @75ºF
• Includes water quality meter for both product and feedwater
• Digital flow display to measure throughput: with alarm
• Carbon filter for chlorine removal
• 5 Micron Pre-filter for suspended solids removal
• 1 Gallon pressure storage tank (larger sizes optional)
• Four pressure gauges: storage tank, feed, pump, and concentrate pressure
• Flow meters for both product and concentrate
• 110V 60 Hz operation
• Powder coated aluminum frame
• Proudly Made in the USA

• Residential
• Restaurants
• Growers/Greenhouses
• Microbreweries
• Coffee Shops
• Laboratories

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