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Extended Capacity Bag Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc. introduces our Extended Capacity Bag Filter. This new and innovative design is all welded construction and allows for an increase in surface area (around 62% more) when compared to a regular Size #1 and Size #2 filter bag.

It is manufactured from high performance Polypropylene or Polyester Fiber media with no Adhesives, Binders, or Silicone. With the inverted bag design, there is a reduced liquid capacity allowing for easier and fewer change outs. Because of this, there is reduced filter usage which minimizes product loss, labor, disposal costs and operator exposure.


• For use on Size #1 and #2 bag Vessels
• Greater Media Surface Area
• Superior containment removal efficiency
• Higher flow rates/lower differential pressure
• Greater containment holding capacity
• No tools needed for installation or removal
• Requires modifying or replacing existing basket
• All welded construction
• No loose fibers - Eliminates bypass of contaminants through needle holes
• Up to 4x or more the service life
• Fewer filter change outs

Below is all information pertaining to the Extended Capacity ECBF Bag Filters:

ECBF Extended Capacity Bag Filters

Flange Guide

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