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Fiberglass Bulk Carbon Vessel

The FRP Fiberglass Bulk Carbon Vessel are ideal for chemical and high pressure
applications as well as when corrosion a primary concern. Different media can be
used to filter out specific contaminate. Activated Carbon is used for taste, odor,
chlorine and organics removal including VOCs. The 12 x 40 mesh size traps
particles of 30 micron and larger.

Each FRP Vessel is shipped with the Activated Carbon separate from the vessel
for safety concerns.

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Corrosion Resistant Construction
Inner shell of High Density Polyethylene
Unmatched for strength and chemical resistance
10-Year warranty for 6” - 13” Vessels
5-Year warranty for 14” - 16” Vessels
ANSI/NSF Certifications
Food Grade Rating for Tank and Internals
Maximum Operating Pressure - 150 psi
Maximum Operating Temperature - 120°F
Minimum Burst - 600 psi

Residential & Light Commercial Softening
Residential & Light Commercial Filtration
Portable Exchange Tanks

Distributor Heads:
The 990S, 890S, 890C and RA201 890 Distributor Heads are molded of Rugged Composite Plastic. These distribution heads are designed for single in-out applications on filters such as sediment removal, taste, odor, pH neutralization or demineralization.

These economical heads will fit onto standard 2-1/2”-8” NPSM tank openings. A tapered riser port simplifies installation of riser pipes. Inlet and outlet openings are designed for easy, straight line installation. An additional 3/4” or 1/2” outlet is available on the 890C and RA201 890 for water sampling, conductivity lights or other applications. A complete line of top and bottom distributors and riser pipes are available. Consult the factory for additional information.

Molded Basket Distributors:
The molded basket distributors are made out of high impact FDA approved ABS plastic and are designed for general domestic water softener use for 6” to 10” diameter tanks without a gravel support bed, or 12”-13” diameter tanks with a gravel support bed. All of these distributors are easily solvent welded to PVC, ABS, or HIPS riser pipe.

Stack Basket Distributors:
The segmented stack distributors which are highly recommended for filter applications, have the ability to open up when backwashed, removing any possible fines that might accumulate on the distributor. The standard slot size is 0.010-0.013 but are also available with 0.007-0.010 slot size for demineralization and finer mesh resin applications. A 0.016-0.020 slot size is
available for high flow applications.

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Fiberglass Bulk Carbon Vessels

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