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Fine Fiber Meltblown Pads and Rolls

East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Fine Fiber Metlblown Pads and Rolls are the most durable sorbents offered and are used to contain and absorb spills around machinery. The media is comprised of three layers of media, two Low-Linting Fine Fiber Polypropylene outer layers and one Meltblown inner layer. The smooth Fine Fiber surface adds the strength needed for high-traffic areas.

Both the Pads and Rolls have perforated sections to allow the user to select the appropriate size for each application, helping to reduce waste.

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High Strength - Ideal for High Traffic Areas
Ability to Grip to surfaces Perforated for Easy Tearing of Desired Size
Two available Colors (Grey and Green)

Below is all information pertaining to the Fine Fiber Meltblown Pads and Rolls:

Fine Fiber Meltblown Pads and Rolls 

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